Inspiration and Expiration

Flashes of creativity or imagination and their due results


Poet’s Corner

Beauty and the beast

Collecting wild flowers and sunsets

I came across life as a rare beauty

And through heartbreak and death

Is how the beast I met


Poet’s Corner, Us Mag The News Intl. (30 June ’17)

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You wanted to liberate
All your previously bottled emotions
To mend the broken bonds
And taste a nip of freedom
To scrape the past
And heal the wrongs
To silence your demons
And feel the collapse of internal mayhem
To end the frustration of having to ignore
The emotions that knocked your door
You wanted relief
From the darker workings of your mind
To let imagination run wild
And the tears to flow all night
So you ended up in bed
With another tragedy to be read

Originally published in Us Magazine, The News International (24 June ’16)

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