Inspiration and Expiration

Flashes of creativity or imagination and their due results



Beauty and the beast

Collecting wild flowers and sunsets

I came across life as a rare beauty

And through heartbreak and death

Is how the beast I met


Poet’s Corner, Us Mag The News Intl. (30 June ’17)

Lost and Found


All my life I’ve been my best sober self,
Avoiding all addictions that life had to offer
Only to lose it all, after all
But this time, I’m going to lose myself
To the bitter crack and the sweet wine
To forget everything and leave it all behind
As I shoot agony as laughter in the sky
And dance till my tears run dry

Published in Us Magazine The News International 9 Dec ’16



They say the pen is mightier than the sword,
Yet she felt weaker, more vulnerable
With every verse that she wrote.

Published in Us Magazine The News International 2 Dec, 16:


Reader’s code



You wanted to liberate
All your previously bottled emotions
To mend the broken bonds
And taste a nip of freedom
To scrape the past
And heal the wrongs
To silence your demons
And feel the collapse of internal mayhem
To end the frustration of having to ignore
The emotions that knocked your door
You wanted relief
From the darker workings of your mind
To let imagination run wild
And the tears to flow all night
So you ended up in bed
With another tragedy to be read

Originally published in Us Magazine, The News International (24 June ’16)



Artists and writers
Is the best breed there is
Who make art
For the essence of it
Linking words and colors
With feelings and memories
To derive pleasure
And to seek answers
To search for new highs and lows
And to feel emotions
That only words
And brushstrokes can show

They give art a heart
And not just mere words
Written in fancy vocabulary
or a painting with no soul
No life,
No story of its own
They are the saviors of all time
An incandescent source
To be credited
And cherished
Who bleed themselves
To give life to another



We’re two birds on the same page
Trapped in a separate cage
Our curse alike-
The ruthless whirls of time
He’s a device of the past
and I’m living in mine
His present is tainted by his horrific past
And I’m in love with that broken boy from school
Who never used to smile


Flaws and Woes

People make it all seem so easy.
To make, break and heal again.
And life.
Gracefully countering each one its shoves,
Entering and leaving its various phases ever so smoothly.
Emerging Victorious, unharmed and whole.

Here I am, stumbling my way through
And losing a part of myself with each climb.
On my knees, as I barely hold on to my past.
My future, blinking at the end of the tunnel.
Breath ragged, clothes torn.
Changed and weaker each time.


Published in Us magazine, The News International 15 April, 16:

Storms of Silence

Asking after his love for me
Silence smiled in answer
Mocking at me, taunting
Like a predator stalking its prey
I didn’t dare complain
Love was rife at the moment
As days slaughtered in the same silence
Still I cloaked my doubts, silenced my qualms
Growing sick of the deafening silence
I stopped inquiring
Stopped loving, stopped writing
The silence echoing louder than ever
Until one day, he took my hand in his own
The question obvious in his oblivious eyes
How much love I held for him at this hour?
Frozen in place
I neither blinked, nor cried
My thoughts raged,
But my lips held perfect calm
As his glance met mine
I saw my face reflected back
It was my silence that smiled in answer
The same silence that tore us apart


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