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The Monotony of Everyday Life

There’s a quote in Paper Towns,


Most of us have had to deal with a similar thought. Or maybe it crossed our mind amidst other self-revealing others, but we probably didn’t give it a second thought as we unknowingly but usually knowingly seal the fate of every other such thought.
I mean, is going on an expedition of finding yourself even relevant these days? Who even has the time for that? That’s when we succumb to the social media pressure, posting a tweet and patting our self at the back for it.

But this quote refused to leave me alone. The relateability and accuracy of it left a deep wound in me.  Firstly, our life is indeed a cycle of all-too-familiar oh-so-similar occurring events one after another, their inherent time period being indefinite and bringing only a mild unnoticeable newness each time. Second, this fact doesn’t really bother us unless we’re on a soul searching mission or revaluating our life after falling into yet another existential crisis. It’s either or neither for me right now or maybe this is what they call over thinking. Thirdly, even after making an effort to acknowledge it and draining our mind trying to decipher the meaning and the significance, we don’t actually or rather are not willing to do anything about it. We let it go, of all the things we should be letting go. Not caring perhaps even starting to despise the whole idea of it when it’s obvious how bad we’re craving if even a drop of change in our lives, in us.

We fear change. As taunting and daunting it might seem or difficult sometimes even impossible, we can never bring ourselves to embrace it with a wide grin. Be it a big change or a trivial one, like going up to the supermarket to try a different brand of tea. And honestly how many people gave up whole professions after realizing at one point that it failed to provide even the necessary satisfaction it should have let alone contentment. How many people have actually taken proper action to eradicate a stereotype reigning and ruining their family for generations or banishing unconventional family traditions and not just bringing it up on social media? Are we really as strong willed and courageous to take a stand, say no where we have to, reject when we should?

We say we don’t care, too much and all too often but do we really? Or is it our only retreat. I mean, saying just that might get the other person to shut up but what about the voice that’s echoing in your head. Meaning it, really meaning we don’t care is debatable.
We look for all things familiar, traditional and understanding. Somehow we decide that a particular thing is meant for us, has a value, a meaning in our life on some unknown level while others are just not our cup of tea. So we adopt what we find acceptable, wear it, hide behind it and carry it with us for the rest of our lives- our very own comfort zone.

We spend our lives imitating others, following in other people’s footsteps never making our own path and not seeing that we’ve lost ourselves in the process, not realizing that we all get one chance at life and that chance was wasted trying to be someone we’re not, someone we are simply not meant to be.

Published in Us Mag, The News International 1 Sept, 17


Beauty and the beast

Collecting wild flowers and sunsets

I came across life as a rare beauty

And through heartbreak and death

Is how the beast I met


Poet’s Corner, Us Mag The News Intl. (30 June ’17)

Lost and Found


All my life I’ve been my best sober self,
Avoiding all addictions that life had to offer
Only to lose it all, after all
But this time, I’m going to lose myself
To the bitter crack and the sweet wine
To forget everything and leave it all behind
As I shoot agony as laughter in the sky
And dance till my tears run dry

Published in Us Magazine The News International 9 Dec ’16



They say the pen is mightier than the sword,
Yet she felt weaker, more vulnerable
With every verse that she wrote.

Published in Us Magazine The News International 2 Dec, 16:

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You wanted to liberate
All your previously bottled emotions
To mend the broken bonds
And taste a nip of freedom
To scrape the past
And heal the wrongs
To silence your demons
And feel the collapse of internal mayhem
To end the frustration of having to ignore
The emotions that knocked your door
You wanted relief
From the darker workings of your mind
To let imagination run wild
And the tears to flow all night
So you ended up in bed
With another tragedy to be read

Originally published in Us Magazine, The News International (24 June ’16)

Flaws and Woes

People make it all seem so easy.
To make, break and heal again.
And life.
Gracefully countering each one its shoves,
Entering and leaving its various phases ever so smoothly.
Emerging Victorious, unharmed and whole.

Here I am, stumbling my way through
And losing a part of myself with each climb.
On my knees, as I barely hold on to my past.
My future, blinking at the end of the tunnel.
Breath ragged, clothes torn.
Changed and weaker each time.


Published in Us magazine, The News International 15 April, 16:

Skinny Love

Thoughts of you
I cannot consign to words
The day we met,
The nights I want to forget
You were the fire that
Turned me into ash
I was a dream
That never came true
And as I watched you slip away
Before my eyes
Far, far away from my reach
That I realized,
I could’nt keep something that
Wasn’t meant for me
But in my heart
I prayed for you to stay
And on a rainy day,
We did finally fade away..


(Originally published in Us Magazine, The News International 30th May, 2014)

Oh winter rain!

Winter rains
They be so ruthless and insane
Surfacing all my pains
Any attempts to shake them off, in vain

Oh winter rain!
Once again, uninvited and abundant you land
And some great reverence an’ fame
Among my friends you’ve managed to gain

Oh winter rain!
Why so early this year have you came?
In my own fears you have me tamed
To bring out the worst in me is your aim

Oh winter rain!
Bitter cold, and ever the same
It’s like you’re calling my name
And taking me on a trip down memory lane

Oh winter rain!
Why are you playing this game?
In my bed all morning, I’ve lain
And dripping wet is my mane

Oh winter rain!
Falling relentlessly against my window pane
Inside my room you have me detained
Accompanying that bad feeling once again

(Originally published in Us Magazine, The News International 18th April, 14)

Quote Inspiration:
“…I chose suffering and pain in the falling rain.”
Lea Michelle (Cannonball)

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