I’m not a big cinema-goer. My enthusiasm for a particular film dissolves somewhere between watching the trailer to it hitting and owning the big screen. Watching a film in house full is never a comfortable experience for me, I’m too busy noticing who’s eating what or whispering in my friend’s ear or watching the audience’s reaction to the film. To top that, I’m also lazy and unsocial and prefer downloading my movies. I’m not big on Bollywood, the criteria for Hollywood is different and Lolly wood, well let’s just say the prime motivation behind gracing my presence is not exactly to support the Pakistani cinema.
The reason for actually making an effort and compelling (read: dragging ) my friends to watch a Pakistani movie is but one, Mahira Khan.

Why her?
She a) ceases to amaze me with her acting skills b) I absolutely love her outfits, especially from all the promotions and events c) Her closeups are eye candy and d) One actress who I’ve noticed doesn’t publicize her private life too much which is something I appreciate about any celebrity, minimum info/news about their personal lives.

Mahira Khan as Manizeh in Ho Mann Jahaan didn’t disappoint.

  • Her wardrobe
    From her statement pieces to her wedding ensembles. Whatever she wore, she carried it like a pro.
  • Her acting
    To be blunt, her acting was better than both Adeel Hussain’s and Sheheryar Munawar’s  combined. Where their command over the script staggered, Mahira’s gracefully picked it up.
  • Her expressions were spot-on
  • The comfortability in her roles
    Where the others clearly struggled, Mahira slayed it all. Every role she’s in, it feels as if it was made for her and her only.

    But let’s not forget Sonya Jehan, a breath of fresh air and so beautiful.

Ho Mann Jahaan is accused of being a bore and a drag and with its rather unnecessary cameo appearances which were received without emotion and the entrance of various characters and formed associations which were without proper context. . Loopholes in the plot which emerged too late and once it did, appeared typically predictable. The jokes ordinary, the romance lacking but the chemistry between the trio was pretty good. On the other hand, the timing of the songs were quite perfect, I returned home hooked to the soundtrack once again. The theme did strike a few familiar strings but soon returned just as the film ended joyfully.
I think “Bin Roye” would also have been a suitable title for the film and just like the original which was so vividly contradictory to its name, included multiple crying sessions. I mean, there was not one scene where Bushra Ansari wasn’t found sobbing in the pallu of her saari. And the confusing yet alarming thing is, people did actually cry to them.

Verdict: It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t “very good” but it was good entertainment. There’s always room for improvement and there’s definitely the potential for better films.