Fragments, of a memory
I had once cherished to possess
Was all I could remember,
All that was left
As the night glowed darker
And the faces grew blur
My mind began playing tricks on me
In my own slumber

We were there once
I had walked these unfamiliar roads
Lived through those moments,
Loved you for sure
I was not at fault,
Alzheimer’s was to blame
But you didn’t understand,
Insisted on calling me insane

I sobbed hard as I tried
Putting together the pieces
Of a broken heart
And my endless grief

Sick of forgetting, tired of recollecting
I threw away the pieces in remorse
Turned my back to everything, real or not
In order to find a life
devoid of heartbreak and lies
I found myself stranded, unloved and lost
In the abyss of what
I had once so hard fought

But not long before
That feeling also started to fade
And I was losing my memory,
Once again.


Song Inspiration:
Losing your memory – Ryan Star (11:59)