Inspiration and Expiration

Flashes of creativity or imagination and their due results


June 2014


I cried
Till I was hysterical,
For I could no longer
Contain my sorrows
Could no longer
Bury those memories
Could not forgive,
Could not forget
So in the end
I let it take me
And torment me
’til they declared
My death.


Published in Us Magazine, The News International (4-9-14):

Second Chance

For some reason I could not fathom
We had to break, you had to leave
You told me life was about moving on
Still today you linger on my every need
Blaming you was not an option, No way!
So here am I apologizing, begging at your feet
Take me home, take me back
Surround me with love or set me on fire
The choice was yours, I was at your mercy
And you decided once again, to leave me lonely


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