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May 2014

The saddest indeed

How sad was the day
I realized,
That I could also live happily
Without you in my life.



From that moment on,
Our hearts seemed forever entwined
For we had found our resting place
In each others’ heavenly embrace

Hold you tight, Never let you go
Were the vows we echoed
Be with you, Die for you
Were the promises we drew

And as our souls
Clashed in unison,
We became each other’s
Eternal Guardians.


Oh winter rain!

Winter rains
They be so ruthless and insane
Surfacing all my pains
Any attempts to shake them off, in vain

Oh winter rain!
Once again, uninvited and abundant you land
And some great reverence an’ fame
Among my friends you’ve managed to gain

Oh winter rain!
Why so early this year have you came?
In my own fears you have me tamed
To bring out the worst in me is your aim

Oh winter rain!
Bitter cold, and ever the same
It’s like you’re calling my name
And taking me on a trip down memory lane

Oh winter rain!
Why are you playing this game?
In my bed all morning, I’ve lain
And dripping wet is my mane

Oh winter rain!
Falling relentlessly against my window pane
Inside my room you have me detained
Accompanying that bad feeling once again

(Originally published in Us Magazine, The News International 18th April, 14)

Quote Inspiration:
“…I chose suffering and pain in the falling rain.”
Lea Michelle (Cannonball)

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